Samos is known for its beautyfull nature, with high mountains and green forests. Of course there are on this island still find remnants from classical antiquity and more recent history.

Tunnel of Eupalinus (Pythagorion)
Just outside Pythagorion you can find the tunnel Eupalinus. From Pythagorion is a road to the tunnel. On this road you can also find an amphittheater and a monastery (later more). The Eupalinus tunnel is dated from the time of Polycrates. This tunnel was actually a kind of aqueduct which had provided the capital Pythagorion of water. The tunnel is approx. 1,350 meters long. The nice thing is that the people on two sides began digging the tunnel into the mountain, and that thanks to Pythagoras each other exactly in the middle encountered.

Monastery of Panagia tis Spilianis (Pythagorion)
This monastery is located near the tunnel of Eupalinus. Inside the monastery there is a cave containing the Panagia church which means Mother of God. The cave and the church can be visited. According to an ancient tradition was in the cave the oracle Sibyl of Samos (prophetess) Photo.

Pythagoras Cave (Kerkis)
This cave, located in the mountain Kerkis, is named after the famous mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras. Here he found a shelter when he was fleeing of the tyrant of Samos, Polycrates. On the way to the cave you will find several chapels, one of these is the Panagia Sarandaskaliotissa. The name of this chapel means 'All Saints of the 40 steps'.

Evangelistra monastery (Kerkis)
This monastery is located approximately 700 meters on the Kerkis mountain (1440 m). It was formerly inhabited by nuns, but they did not stay there any longer. The monastery can only be reached by a brisk walk. First on a dirt road, the last piece of a very small track. The monastery is not large and has a panoramic view of the area (see header photo, it was taken from the monastery).

Heraion (Ireon)
Heraion is a temple complex from antiquity dedicated to the goddess Hera. It lies on the road to the village of Ireon. The people believed that there was born the goddess Hera. The temple has been built up to 4 times and destroyed again. The temple has a size of approx. 108 meters long, 55 meters wide and 25 meters  high, in a style of a mixture of Doric and Ionic with 2 to 3 colonnades around. Unfortunately, there is today a little left about it. 

Of course there are plenty more things to see, above was just a summary of the main attractions.

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