Ireon &
Pappa Beach

Ireon & Pappa Beach

Ireon is a place at the other site of the airport, about 6 km from Pythagorion. It's surrounded by other places like Myli, Pagondas, Chora etc. Ireon is fairly new, originally it's a fishing village, Today it's one of the tourist centers on Samos. Ireon has a small port with some fishing boats. Just outside Ireon you find the ancient sanctuary Heraion (see sights).

The newer streets are laid out in the square. On the main road and the beach is a nice big platia (square), Here you will also find the most taverns and bars. Here you find the most fun. The fertile plain around Ireon has many orchards of olive and citrus trees. In particular, the nearby small village Myli is known for its citrus trees.

Myli is a sleepy village near Ireon. It is quiet with tiny streets. Right in the middle of the village is a small square with a tavern where you can drink freshly squeezed orange juice. Myli owes its name to the many mills that were once in the river Imvrassos. This river is ancient and according to mythology, Hera bathed in the water and there she met Zeus.

Pappa Beach
Pappa Beach is about one kilometer of Ireon and is accessed via a dirt road. It can be reached by car, but you have to be careful with potholes and loose stones. The beach lies in a bay of white rocks and white pebbels and gives the sea a beautiful blue green color. The sea is not deep and runs off gradually, an ideal place for swimming. You can hire sunbeds with a parasol. At Pappa Beach is also a tavern runned by Maria, the owner. It's a very nice location with a nice view of the sea and the beach, and you can see Pythagorion lie on the other side of the large bay. It's lovely to be here. The address can be found on the contact page.

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