Mikro Seitani & Megalo Seitani

Mikro Seitani & Megalo Seitani

On the west coast of the island, between Drakei and Potami you can find two beautiful bays that are accessible only on foot. It involves Mikro Seitani (mikro means small) and Megalo Seitani (megalo means large). If you are lucky you will see there the rare Mediterranean seal.

Both bays are only accessible by a small path. We chose to walk from Potami. you can go on a dirt road by car, there are several possibilities to park your car. Follow the dirt road until you get  a path on the right with a sign Mikro Seitani. You keep to the left path. You follow the red crosses through forest, olive grove and rockeries.

From the beginning of the trail is about a 2.5 km walk to Mikro Seitani. However, it is a hike for experienced hikers. It's not a nice paved path. you climb over rocks and walk along cliffs. In about an hour you reach Mikro Seitani. A lovely small sheltered bay where you can relax. Given the accessibility you will not find many people here, only a few fellow hikers.

From here you can continue to Megalo Seitani, about a 3km away. It doesn't seem much, but the path is not very easy with even the necessary height. The whole trip including return journey is about 12 km. Megalo Seitani is a large bay with a wide sandy beach and a single house. It is at the end of a canyon, with unusual rock formations. It's a beautiful journey but not easy. You can also continue to Drakei, a town in the far west of the island. Drakei is also called "the end of the world". It is very secluded and is also the end of the road from the south, among other places like Marathokampos and Votsalakia.

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