Northern coast

Northern coast

The Northern coast runs from Samos Town to Potami. It also includes the towns Kokkari and Karlovassi. However, these places are appointed separately.

The northern coast is the greenest part of the island. Here are green forests, clear blue bays, beaches and high mountains. This part of Samos is easily reached by a road that runs along the entire coast. Here is also the wine growing region of Samos where the sweet "Samos Wine" comes from. This wine is made from the grape Muscat and is a fresh sweet desert wine.

Between Kokkari and Karlovassi you'll find some lovely villages, beautiful bays and beautiful beaches. Just outside Kokkari you can find the Nightingales Valley. A green valley with fast flowing streams, many forest and obviously nightingales sing mainly in the summer months.
If you go in the direction of Karlovassi, you'll find just outside Kokkari Lemonakia Beach. This is located in a sheltered bay on each side with a rock. On the other hand you find Tsamadou beach. The beaches are surrounded by vineyards and bushy slopes. 

If we continue to follow the coastal road to the West, The road makes a turn along a small village Avlakia. This village is situated on a rock that sticks out a lot in the sea. The village has a small beach and a few taverns where the tables and chairs of some terraces are almost down to the water of the sea. Avlakia is located in a beautiful area, because just behind the village are the Green Mountains of Ampelos. 

If we follow the road, we come in Vourliotes where those grapes grow. If you go about 2 km from the village in the mountains, you reach the monastery of Panagia tis Vrontianis. This is the oldest monastery of Samos and lies at a height of 480 meters. It was built in the 16th century. When we were there, a few years ago, they were busy with the restoration of the monastery. From here it is 3 hour walk to the top of Karvounis mountain 1,153 meters high, one of the peaks of the Ampelos.

If we continue to follow the coastal road towards Karlovasi, we find still some villages along the road. Here you will find not so many tourists but that does not make it less beautiful. If we passed the wine region, the landscape becomes rougher. The mountains are closer to the coast and shapes with their steep mountainsides canyons. By earlier forest fires (2000) were also here tracts of forest burned with blackened trees which gave a certain spooky atmosphere.

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