The end of the road. Potami is literally the end of the northern coastal road just past Karlovassi. Potami is a beautiful pebble beach with clear turquoise water and therefore one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. On sunny days also the locals like to go to this beach.

Potami is located in the northwest of the island. From here there is a trail to the beautiful secluded coves Mikro Seitani and Megalo Seitani. At potami you'll find the waterfall. The most famous waterfall of the island is about 20 minutes walk from the road in a beautiful green canyon. You walk along a beautiful clear stream which you cross several times over wooden bridges. First you pass after about 100 meters the ancient church of Agios Sotiras from the 14th century. Then just follow the river with colorful butterflies and dragonflies. At the end you come to a tiny lake which leads to the waterfall. You can not see the waterfall from here. For that you would have to wade through the water. you can also through a timbered wooden staircase climbing up to a plateau, since a few years, here is a restaurant. Then you make a steep descent that fits the top of the waterfall. There you can with a rope swinging down from the waterfall into the water.

At Potami, almost at the end of the road you find some bars and taverns. One catches the eye with a Mexican look. (look for more information on the contact page).

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