Karlovassi is pretty ugly. This industrial city is little touristic. In size Karlovassi is the 2nd city of Samos after the capital Samos. Karlovassi has a fairly large port with several ferries linking Samos to other islands and the Greek mainland.

Karlovassi once had a great wealth by working leather in the tanneries. Unfortunately, many of these former tanneries are empty or in ruins. Other witnesses of the prosperity of that time are the large mansions and big churches you find in Karlovassi. Karlosvassi is also a very expansive city consisting of several neighbourhoods and does not have a real center and therefore less attractive. You have the old (Paleo), middle (Mesaio) district and harbor. Karlovassi is rather flat, only the old part has a bushy hill topped by the white Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) church which overlooks the whole city. ' This hill can be climbed and from there you have a panoramic view of the city. This is also the most beautiful part of the city.

Karlovassi is a major shopping city especially for the residents and also Samos economic metropolis. You'll also find some more great shops and businesses. Karlovassi has a small beach, but this is not very attractive it is of coarse gravel, quite narrow and there behind a busy noisy road. People would rather go to the beach potami some 2 km further.

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