Pyrgos and
the villages of

Villages at the center of the iceland.

Pyrgos, the small village in the middle of the island is a beautiful green area near a deep canyon. Pyrgos is located along the main route at the north of Samos, from Karlovassi/Marathokampos to Pythagorion. The village itself, a single tavern after, has not much to offer, but the environment is unprecedented beautyfull.

Pyrgos is known for its honey. Along the main road you will find plenty of honey stalls where you can buy honey. At some points along the way you've vantage points where you have a beautiful view on the canyon, just west of the village. During the great fire in 2000, a lot of forest was lost around Pyrgos and also the honey stalls. Fortunately, there is a lot of greenery restored and the honey stalls are back. From Pyrgos also run some small roads to various villages and a road through the rugged landscape of the "belly" of the island, including Spatharei, Koumaradei Pagondas etc.

Pyrgos caught my attention because there is a deep canyon outside the village, towards the west. By one of the honey stalls with a parking place you have such a beautiful view of the canyon that has been carved by the river Amfilyssos.

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