Kokkari a picturesque fishing village on the north side of the island just northwest of the capital of Samos. The small fishing port is situated on a bay between two rocks. Along the harbor you'll find plenty of taverns and bars. On the other side of the harbor is a fine pebble beach, that's being called Long Beach.

Kokkari is located in the green and fertile north of the island, near the vineyards where the famous sweet Samos wine comes from. The village has about 900 inhabitants. Kokkari is one of the holiday centers alongside Samos, Pythagorion and Votsalakia. The place Kokkari was only founded in the 19th century and consisted of only a few houses on the cliff in the sea (see photos below). Kokkari was once the fishing port of domestically located Mytilini. Kokkari is part of the green area around the mountain Ampelos, with 2 high peaks above the coast: the Profitis Ilias (1153 m) and  Lazaros (1039 m). Kokkari has a car-free centre. The main coastal road  along the north runs around with a bow to Kokkari. On the outskirts of the village you find a parking place near the church of Agios Nikolaos.

From Kokkari there are several trails to the mountain villages Vourliotes and Manolates. One of the beautiful villages near Kokkari is Avlakia where the coastal road makes a sharp turn.

Vourliotes and Manolates
Vourliotes is the village with the greatest production of wine of the island. Just outside Vourliotes begins one of the easiest one most popular hiking trails on the island which ends in Kokkari. The distance is about 4 km. You can walk from Kokkari to Vourliotes through the woods. Near Vourliotes you will also find a small waterfall. The area at Vourliotes and Manolates includes the Valley of the Nightingales. Manolates is reached via a mountain road up, it lies at an altitude of 380 meters, where you have a wide view to the surrounding landscape and the sea.

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