Southern Samos
& Samiapoula

Southern Samos & Samiapoula

Samiapoula is a virtually uninhabited island on the south side of Samos. The south of Samos is very rugged and sparsely populated.
It consists mainly of steep cliffs with here and there a canyon. Samiapoula is therefore only accessible by boat, and that also means for a few beaches to the south of Samos.

Samiapoula we visited with a boat trip with Captain Yannis, a local skipper. A former fishing boat brings you to Samiapoula for a swim and then you to another beach, Tsopelas beach on the south coast of Samos for lunch and to dance the Sirtaki .
The journey begins in Pythagorion, from there you sail along Pythagorion Potokaki, you will pass the village Ireon and Pappa Beach, then the landscape is a lot rougher with a rocky coast, where are carved caves into the rock by the sea. On this trip we saw tuna leaping out of the water, and we also saw some dolphins.

Samiapoula is a virtually uninhabited island. From the boat is a 10 minute walk to the other side to a quiet bay with a wonderful sandy beach. It's a lovely place to swim.

Then the journey continued to Tsopelas Beach. Tsopelas beach is at the bottom (belly) Samos. This is a spot on the rocky coast only accessible by boat. There is also an opportunity to sunbathe and swim and to have lunch.

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