East of  Samos

East of Samos

The eastern part of Samos includes several beautiful quiet bays, including Agia Paraskevi, Liva Daki, Mourthia etc. These are all beautiful beaches and natural harbors.

This part of Samos is a sort of peninsula (north) east of Samos Town. It is also beautifully green with clear turquoise water. Because there is not very much to tell about each place, i have collected them on one page. Of course there are still many more beautiful places in this area, but it's also fun to discover themselves. The photo above is Mourthia.

Agia Paraskevi.
A tiny hamlet with a small harbor and a beach. Is accessible from Samos town, where you follow the road along the bay.

A natural harbor. The fishing boats are actually anchored to a white pebble beach. The water in the bay is shallow and runs off very slowly.

Posidonio is actually a small town on a turquoise bay. Posidonio is reached by a road that starts on the main road in Samos city. The road halfway splits in two, which is also a way to Kerveli. If you Posidonio approaches you see it in the depths of the turquoise bay.

It's nice just to walk around. The village consists of a small harbor with a few houses and a tavern. This tavern appears to be the best seafood restaurant on the island. Between the houses is a staircase leading to an upper church. From there you have a beautiful view of the bay, and the color of the water is even more beautyfull.

Liva Daki
In the far north of this part of the island you will find a paradise breeze with sandy beach. If you were in the Caribbean you would also believe it. This beach is at the end of a dirt road that goes left for Agia Pareskevi. The beach has sunbeds and a tavern. The water is very shallow and very suitable for snorkeling, you will see the fish swimming.

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